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Mary Helen Callier 



The Los Angeles Review, forthcoming


The Cloister, Summer in an Unfamiliar Mansion, New England Review

Three Black Pears, Sixth Finch

Still Life with Flowers, The Insatiable Glory of Renaissance Dinners, Bennington Review 

In Hamilton, Georgia I Think About Philomela, Washington Square Review

How Everything You Touch Makes a Spark, Running Your Hand Through the Flame, The Arkansas International

Offering, And Then When What You Knew of it Was OverColorado Review

Starfish, Twyckenham Notes

Pondhawk, Ghost City Review

Critical / Other

Interior Distances: On Patrizia Cavalli’s Objects, Annulet

Association and Desire in Brigit Pegeen Kelly’s ‘Blacklegs’, Annulet


When the Horses, Alice James Books, forthcoming, 2025